How to Tell the Difference Between Wood Rot and Mold in Bonney Lake

wood rot bonney lakeOver time, your home will most likely start to encounter some issues due to age and climate. Mold and rot are two serious issues and they need to be treated in different ways. Knowing how to tell the difference between wood rot and mold will help you make the right choices for repairs.  


Generally, if you have rot in your home’s floors, you will feel a slight bounce in the boards as you walk on them. Mold will generally not affect the feel of the surface in this way. If you notice a bounce, it may be time to call a professional.

Health Symptoms

One of the big differences between mold and rot is the prevalence of health symptoms. Mold will usually cause respiratory or allergy symptoms whereas mold generally will not. If you don’t notice these symptoms but do notice a change in the surfaces of your home, you may have rot. 

Structural Integrity

When your home has wood rot, the surfaces will start to look shrunken or decayed. With mold, the structure generally doesn’t change. Instead, you’ll notice a fuzz or film rather than a deterioration. 

Need Wood Rot Repair in Bonney Lake?

If you think you may have a rot problem with your home, the experienced pros at Rot Repair & Exterior Services can help. They have both expertise and experience that allows them to make repairs many other contractors can’t. A 2-year warranty is also offered on all services. Whether you need repair for your deck or other home exterior components, contact us for a free inspection and estimate.

Experienced Wood Rot Repair in Bonney Lake

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