Early Warning Signs of Deck Rot in Sumner

deck rot sumnerDeck rot can be a significant problem if left unchecked, potentially leading to structural issues and safety hazards. Here are some early warning signs of deck rot to watch out for.

Spongy Areas

If you’re noticing that there are some areas of your deck that feel loose or spongy, this could be a sign of rot. When the structure of your deck starts to deteriorate, it will feel like it’s sinking when you step on it. 

Discoloration & Cracks

Look for any areas of discoloration on the wood, particularly dark spots or patches. This could indicate water damage and rotting. Check for any cracks or splits in the wood, especially along the edges of the boards or where they meet the posts. These can be entry points for water, leading to rot.


Cupping happens when the structure of the wood in your deck starts to deteriorate. It usually takes place in the form of the wood warping inwards. This is one of the most common early warning signs of deck rot. Also check to see if If the screws or nails holding your deck together are loose or rusted.

Need Help With Identifying the Signs of Deck Rot in Sumner?

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